mmmm12233 A woman must open up for you like a flower! A woman needs to be loved, protected and spoiled a little bit! A man has always been considered as an earner, and a woman is a keeper of a home! Let this tradition continues. Do a nice thing for woman whom you liked, or with whom you would like to connect your life! After all, when you make for her small signs of attention, your woman is transformed, her eyes sparkle, the smile becomes dreamy and such woman is ready to follow you anywhere!
But, be careful! Do not fall into the trap of a woman who thinks only of the material, you must have desire to make nice things for your lover!
Our company is always ready to organize a present for your lady, just send us request for this service and we will make everything for you and your lady.

Flowers for ladies:

101 pink roses - 180$

101 pink roses – 180$
101 roses - 230$

101 roses – 230$
150 roses -270$

150 roses – 270$
101 white rose - 230$

101 white rose – 230$
101 velvet roses - 250$

101 velvet roses – 250$

Presents for ladies:


 Big teddy bear 200cm – 120$

Iphone 7 – 950$
 Perfume – 150$

Procedures in beauty saloon – 150$

Professional photo shoot – 250$
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